Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hi Everyone!

This blog is dedicated to frugal living and trying to make my dollar's stretch. I am a single mom of twin daughther's with a limited income. Because I have a limited income, budgeting and finding real bargains becomes a necessity in my household. I am not much of a couponer. My goals are usually to buy what is on sale only. Each week, I will check the sale adverts to determine what I can afford to buy and stockpile. I think that all of us have had times where we just really must crunch the numbers. Well during today's economy, there is no alternative but to crunch the numbers when you shop. I will dedicate this blogspot to my successes and failures of trying to live frugal. I will also post ideas and recipes that I come up with to help others achieve their dreams of living a frugal life. Welcome all! And feel free to e-mail me ideas.

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